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Natural Hair Loss Solutions

Natural Hair Loss Solutions Description

Headquartered at New Delhi, we are the manufacturer, marketer & exporter of ayurvedic herbal hair products. Established in 1987, we have been successfully working for the last 21 years. Company has more than 2000 distributors in India and abroad, which support its marketing & distribution network. It is spearheaded by a team of qualified Pharmacists, senior Researchers, enthusiastic Mgmt graduates and practicing Consultants.

Saini Herbal Oil


Best Hair Doctor

In a country like India, where dust, chlorinated water, harsh chemicals, stress, heat and humidity are the order of the day, the hair has a tendency to loose its strength. As a result, lifeless hair could become a cause of social embarrassment. Saini offered a solution that was aptly named Saini Herbal Oil. The response to this new product was overwhelming. And within no time, Saini Herbal Oil gained good heights.

Saini Herbal Oil entered the market, when there was no complete, dedicated solution for major hair problems. Caused due to various factors, hair ailments were always subjected to traditional, amla or coconut oil. Under such circumstances, Saini Herbal Oil was no less than a breakthrough in the hair care products segment. It brought to everyone's notice, that it could have a solution: a simple, effective one.

Saini Herbal Oil stood out amongst a gamut of products that address the most common of all hair problems Hair Fall, Dandruff, Itching, Thinning & Patchy baldness. It did so by fulfilling the promise of providing holistic and effective relief. This was only made possible by having a complete healing range of 100% natural herbs prescribed in ancient Ayurveda, to suit the hair related needs of different age groups.

Saini Herbal Oil went further to offer the humectants property of Jojoba (which keeps natural oil & water content intact).

Today, Saini has carved out a niche for itself. This is evident from the response it generates, as one of the most trusted and sought after remedies for hair problems.

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